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In 1980, Service Equipment Company (A Subsidiary of Balubaid Group) was established to meet the growing market need led by the development renaissance period in the Automotive Industry in the Kingdom.

The idea of establishing SEC Balubaid came two years after Balubaid Group acquired GM. As an agent of General Motors, The group had to establish a high-tech, modern Maintenance Center which was far ahead others in the industry back then.

After witnessing the success of the Group’s Service Center and the modern technology used, SEC, as a business leader in the market, took this huge opportunity to grow and take the lead.

Two years later, SEC prospered and grew even more as Fuel Dispensers were offered in addition to the other maintenance equipment and service tools.

Why We Are Different


Quality of products: We are exclusive agents of more than 30 American and European brands, and Chinese brands that are the best in the field.


Product integration: We provide our client with all of the products needed to create his own maintenance service center and workshop from A to Z.


After sales service: We don’t just sell products to clients in SEC, but we also make sure we provide the warranty and training needed.   


Experience in the field: Our 40+ years experience help us better understand both customer and market needs in the field.


Flexibility and decision making: Our fast response to customers is one of the most important things that we value in our company.

Our Vision

To be the first company in providing after-sales services.

Our Mission

We seek to provide our products from the most famous brands in the field of car maintenance equipment and fuel dispensers. Our services include

((Supplying-installing-training and providing maintenance services))

We guarantee the high quality standards and diversity of goods offered to all clients and dealers.

Our Values

Quality – Commitment

Chairman’s Word

I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our Service EquipmentCompany’s Profile, highlighting our history, prominent projects, as well as products and services offered.
SEC was first established in 1980 AD, to meet the growing market need for maintenance equipment and machinery in light of the Economic take-off (Economic Boom) period and the development renaissance witnessed in the automotive sector.
Since day one, our business strategy have revolved around gaining and retaining customer satisfaction. As a result, we have managed to maintain our leadership and entrepreneurship position in the market for more than four decades.
Until today, we continue to exceed our customers’ satisfaction levels by providing various options of high quality products from the most famous international agencies in USA, Europe and China.
Lastly, I hope that our profile meets your needs and looking forward building a different partnership with you, more than just a buying & selling relationship.

Thank you

Ahmed O. Balubaid

Chairman of SEC Balubaid

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