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In 1980, the Maintenance Machinery Company (Balubaid) was established to meet the growing market need in light of the boom and overall development renaissance that the auto sector in the Kingdom was witnessing at that time.The idea of ​​creating maintenance machines came two years after the Balubaid Group acquired GM.The group, as an agent of General Motors, had to establish a high-tech, modern and even early maintenance center at that time.

After seeing the success of the maintenance center and the modern technology available in it at that time, the question came: “If there is a need for this equipment, then why is it not provided, especially with the boom that the Kingdom is witnessing at that time in the needs of auto maintenance equipment and two years after the opening, it came time for petrol pumps to enter under one roof with maintenance equipment.

Why We Are Different


Quality of products: We are exclusive agents of more than 30 American and European brands, and also Chinese are the best in its field


Product integration: Our client can provide all his products that he needs to create his own maintenance workshop through us.


After sales service: We are not satisfied with maintenance machines when selling the product, as we are keen to provide warranty and training on the product.


Experience in the field: More than 40 years in the field makes us know the needs of our customers and the needs of the market.


Flexibility and decision making: The speed of responding to the customer is one of the most important things that we take care of in maintenance machines.

Our Vision

To be the first company in providing remote services.

Our Mission

We seek to provide our products from the most famous brands in the field of car maintenance equipment and gas stations, and our services, which include


to all dealers with a guarantee of adherence to high standards of quality and the diversity of the offered goods.

Our Values



Chairman Word

I am pleased to welcome you at service equipment company profile . By browsing this profile, you will be able to learn about our history and our most prominent projects, as well as see our services and products that we offer. Here you can get to know our company, which was established in 1980 AD, to meet the growing market need for maintenance equipment and machinery in light of the boom and the overall development renaissance that the auto sector was witnessing. Our business strategy since inception revolves around customer satisfaction and work on it, and thanks to this strategy we have managed to maintain our leadership and leadership position in the market for more than 4 decades. Today we continue to maintain customer satisfaction by providing various options of high quality to the most famous international agencies, whether American, European or Chinese. Last but not least, I leave you with the company profile, hoping to build a different partnership with you, more than just a buying and selling process.

Thank you

Ahmed O. Balubaid

Chairman, SEC

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